Beauty Bloggers are Buzzing with Excitement Over 'Medical Grade' Manuka Honey and Bee Venom

Bee venom cream is back with 'medical grade honey' that gives 95% of people more youthful looking skin within 30 days

April 16, 2019 by Tamara F.

Beauty bloggers are buzzing with excitement over Beenigma's high purity formula

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Bee venom is back! A premium bee venom cream is generating huge 'buzz' in the beauty blogosphere due to its 20+ 'medical grade' Manuka honey combined with the highest concentration bee venom in the world.

That brand is Beenigma, a brand earning praise for its cream's ability to hydrate the skin, fade wrinkles, and smooth the complexion yet without causing any of the inflammation, rashes, burning sensations, or clogged up pores experienced from cheaper brands.

To celebrate the launch of Beenigma's 'double pronged' high purity formula, for a limited time you can save up to $60 on a three month supply.

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The reason why Beenigma's formula is so potent yet gentle on the skin is because it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals. Instead, Beenigma only contains all-natural, organic ingredients. This includes 21 replenishing proteins, peptides, amino acids, and key enzymes for creating more radiant, youthful looking skin.

In fact, a Medicus Research survey found Beenigma provides younger looking skin for 95% of people and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles for 90% in just 30 days.

It really adds an amazing glow and your skin is so soft afterwards. It pulls out the impurities and its a nice foundation, especially if you are going to a big event where you want a great glow.

- Scarlett Johansson about Manuka Honey

Beauty Bloggers Who Are Now 'Bee-lievers'

"I got combination skin so I put a little bit more on my dry parts and a little bit less on my oily parts. I only applied it this morning, but it's been so great."

- Nikkie from

"I test a lot of products and it's not everyday I find one that actually see a difference. This stuff for me has been an absolute home run and absolutely worth the price."

- Aaron Marino, alpha m on YouTube

"It's just a wonderful cream. I have been using it for a year now. I like it as a night cream because of the thick texture of the Shea butter. It will just revive your skin, firm it, smooth out the lines and I like it because it's heavier but it doesnt make me breakout because of the Manuka honey"

- Tati Westbrook

"After only a few days my friends were asking what I was using on my skin, I told them it was Beenigma and now they all use it! Beenigma really works."

- Emma Beam, Victoria Secret Model, New York

"I've tried them all, anti-aging creams, moisturizers, skin rejuvenators. Beenigma is by far the best skincare product ever. I am on jar 8 and it still makes me smile!"

- Zoe Bell, Hollywood actress and Stunt Coordinator Death Proof, Kill Bill, 27 Dresses

"I started using it 6 weeks ago. It's made cruelty free from bee venom and Manuka honey. When you get old like me you need to kickstart the collagen. And this does that."

- Jamie from JamieMakeUp

Bee venom was a hot trend a few years ago when fashion icons including Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kourtney Kardashian all confessed to using bee venom creams in their anti-aging routine.

Beenigma is now attracting lots of new 'beelievers' to the benefits of bee venom with its 'medical grade' Manuka honey and high purity formula. This includes Nikkie from She says, "it's just an awesome all-in-one face cream I use to really deep puff and tighten up my face. It's a very thick moisturizing tightening cream and it just makes your face look a little bit more pulled and a little bit more high."

While popular beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook says, "It's very natural, it smells delicious. But the important part is it absolutely nourishes the skin, firms the skin, and it's antibacterial. So it's great if you get little breakouts."

To celebrate the launch of Beenigma's 'double pronged' high purity formula, for a limited time you can save up to $60 on a three month supply.

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World's Highest Rated 'Medical Grade' Manuka Honey

Beenigma is the only cream in the world that combines 20+ Manuka honey with high concentration bee venom. Its 20+ rating was achieved after 18 months of research and development to create the highest purity honey possible.

Beenigma's 20+ UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) classes it as a 'medical grade' cream. What this means is that Beenigma can only be sold by retailers with a physician's license. And the reason a physician's license is required is because of honey's antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties are higher potency than average over-the-counter creams.

What's more, Beenigma's 20+ Manuka honey means it's exceptional at clearing up acne, rashes, and blemishes compared to lower grade bee venom brands.

Market Leading High Concentration Bee Venom

Partnering its high purity Manuka honey is Beenigma's high concentration bee venom. This is the secret to its remarkable ability to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin for tighter skin, erased wrinkles, and a reduction in the signs of aging.

As experienced buyers of anti-aging products know, supporting healthy collagen and elastin

levels is the key to younger looking skin. Collagen are the building blocks that give skin its firmness. While elastin gives the skin its ability to stretch and bounce back into place. When a thin layer of Beenigma is applied to the skin, the skin reacts like it's been lightly stung. Yet the sensation is a pleasantly warming tingle, with no irritation involved. But it's still potent enough to send blood flowing to the skin's epidermis and dermal layer. This in turn stimulates the production of collagen and elastin that lift, plump and tighten the skin.

Beenigma can be applied once or twice daily as a moisturiser and foundation layer. Beenigma also works well as a mask across the face and neck worn for 15 minutes before wiping it off.

Cruelty Free Extraction Process

To make a single gram of bee venom requires 10,000 bee stings. Yet Beenigma's process for extracting the venom is 100% bee friendly. In fact, the bees are left unharmed and keep their stingers intact.

To collect the venom, a glass plate is placed near the beehive. When the bees land on the glass they feel a slight jolt. This causes them to release their venom so it can be collected without risk to the bees or beekeeper.

While safe and harmless, collecting enough venom to make one jar of Beenigma is a slow and expensive process. In fact, it's so expensive that one gram of bee venom is worth $304 - more than 8 times the price of gold.

To celebrate the launch of Beenigma's 'double pronged' high purity formula, for a limited time you can save up to $60 on a three month supply.

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More Youthful Skin Reported by 95% of People

Beenigma's high potency formula may sound like clever marketing. Yet its superior ability to fade fine lines and wrinkles is proven in studies too.

A satisfaction survey conducted by Medicus Research discovered:

95% of people reported more youthful looking skin

90% reported a reduction in the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

85% reported their skin appeared lifted

While results measured by the modified Fitzpatrick Wrinkle Scale found:

Reduced wrinkle depth of 34% and 52% around the eyes

These exceptional results were all achieved within 30 days. Beenigma's 'cumulative' formula means that its youthening effects continue to build with every application. The more you use it, the younger the skin looks and feels.

Contains Two Extra Skin Soothing Ingredients

With its 20+ medical grade Manuka honey and high concentration of bee venom, Beenigma's formula is already superior to other bee venom brands.

Yet Beenigma went even further in its quest to develop the ultimate anti-aging cream by adding two extra special ingredients:

Shea butter

Extracted from shea tree nuts in West Africa, shea butter contains high concentrations of oleic, linoleic, and stearic fatty acids. These ingredients make it potent at protecting the skin from free radicals, along with a providing anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Almond oil

Its moisturizing effect makes it especially beneficial for people with dry or sensitive skin. It's packed with vitamin E that helps protect against sun damage and premature aging.

To celebrate the launch of Beenigma's 'double pronged' high purity formula, for a limited time you can save up to $60 on a three month supply.

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Guaranteed to Give You Younger Looking Skin in 60 Days

Here's what one customer experienced when they tried Beenigma for just two weeks:

week 1

When Beenigma arrived I rubbed a little onto the left side of my face as a test. After four days, I noticed a slight reduction in my "smile lines" and scars from awful acne as a teenager.

Yet even better, my skin felt more supple and hydrated. It was like my skin's pores had got smaller, but without feeling super dry like with other bee venoms I've tried.

On the fifth day, I started applying Beenigma on my entire face and neck.

week 2

After about ten days of using Beenigma twice a day, I have to say I'm very pleased with the results. They increase in skin firmness is noticeable when I look in the mirror - even I can see and feel the smoothing effects on my skin, and the acne scars that I've always hated are not as prominent.

While I did feel a mild tingling the first few times I used it, after a few days I didn't notice it at all. What I also love about Beenigma is that a little bit goes a long way.

Over the last thirty years, I've spent thousands of dollars on cosmetics, and most of them got tossed out eventually to make room for a new crop of creams and lotions that promised to be the Fountain of Youth (they weren't). Beenigma may not be the Fountain of Youth either. But the results have been so promising I'm happy to have finally found an anti-aging cream that works.

*The above description is based on a real life customer testimonial.

What People Say about Beenigma

Beenigma has helped hundreds of thousands of people to gain more hydrated, radiant, and younger looking skin that gives them confidence and pride, all thanks to the power of 20+ Manuka honey and high concentration bee venom.

To celebrate the launch of Beenigma's 'double pronged' high purity formula, for a limited time you can save up to $60 on a three month supply.

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Guaranteed to Give You Younger Looking Skin in 60 Days

Beenigma is so confident you'll be amazed at how moisturised, radiant, and youthful looking your skin will become that every jar is offered with a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee. What this means is that you can try

Beenigma risk free for up to 60 days. If you experience no reduction in your wrinkles, no improvement in skin firmness, or you're dissatisfied for any reason your purchase can be refunded in full. You won't even need to return the jar.

Save Up to $60

on a 3 Month Supply

For a limited time Beenigma is offering big discounts on multiple jar purchases. In fact, you can save up to $60 on a three month supply. And your purchase is protected by Beenigma's 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

So if you'd like to join the hundreds of thousands of Beenigma 'beelievers', select your preferred discount on Beenigma - The world's only bee venom cream made from 20+ Manuka honey and high concentration bee venom.

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